Andrew Marsh is a sports photographer and photojournalist based in Norman, Oklahoma. He originally entered the sports photography field in high school in Colorado, and won the 2022 Best Sports Photo Award for Colorado High Schools, with an iconic action photo of the Mountain Vista High School Men’s Basketball team. Immediately upon matriculating to the University of Oklahoma, Andrew was hired as one of the first sports photographers for the school. He photographs every OU athletic team, such as football and basketball, and his work has been featured across many platforms, such as ESPN’s social media pages, OU’s athletic social media pages, and Sooner Spectator. Andrew even took photographs featured on Topps OU Softball cards.

Andrew specializes in sports photography and portraits. He additionally creates highlight portfolios for athletes undergoing recruitment. With experience as the editor-in-chief of Mountain Vista High School’s yearbook, Andrew is skilled in formatting and editing photos/videos. He also has experience as a social media manager for Astralis, which resulted in the company’s following growing by 80,000 users, and amassing almost 5 million likes. He also has experience with graduation shoots.

Andrew is excited to meet new clients and explore other photography opportunities!
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